One Simple Snack (And Why You’d Be Nuts Not To Use It)

Do you feel like you are constantly prepping food?  Are your kids hungry all of the time?  Do you feel like you do nothing but fetch snacks between meals?

This tip is the perfect solution.

A NUT BAR!  Check out ours:

Nut bar

Nuts are loaded with nutrients…from Omega 3 fatty acids to protein to fiber (all nutrients our bodies need to function and thrive).  And don’t worry about the fat.  It’s good fat.  Your body NEEDS it.

Here’s what Dr. Walter Willett has to say about nuts.  Dr. Willett is a professor at Harvard Medical School and published author.

“Nuts are really one of the neglected health foods on American grocery store shelves. They’ve been given a bad rap by nutritionists because they are high in fat. Most of the calories in nuts are from fat, but it’s almost all healthy fats. And what we’ve seen, interestingly, study after study is that people who eat more nuts do not weigh more than people who don’t eat nuts. And it’s probably because even a small amount can be very satisfying, and we unconsciously replace other forms of calories with the nuts when we consume them. Now of course, you can overdo any good thing. So being a little bit sensible about that is important.”

I like to use raw cashews, almonds, and pistachios.  Simply get some jars to put on your counter and fill them with raw nuts (which are more nutrient-dense than roasted).

When you factor in the number of snacks you can get from a bag of nuts, it is also a really economical snack.

Plus, with a nut bar in place, your little ones can easily get a healthy snack without your help.  My two year old can serve himself.

[Sanity Alert: You might be able to make it from 1 to 5 without preparing food.]

For that reason alone, you’d be nuts not to implement this.


Note: Choking hazard.  Proceed at your own risk.



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Kristyn H.

Author: Kristyn H.

Kristyn is a recovering CPA! After struggling for 3 years to get pregnant, she overhauled her diet and lifestyle overnight and was expecting 6 weeks later. Needless to say, this experience changed her life and she is pursuing her passion of inspiring others to lead healthy lifestyles.

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