The #1 Key to Achieving Anything You Want

What do you want?

Do you want to get healthier but lack the willpower to follow through? Or maybe you are starting a business and struggle to put in the work. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to get the house organized.

“I have no willpower,” you say.

Willpower is defined as the ability to control oneself. After spending a busy day working or taking care of others, the last thing you want is more control over your desires.

It’s no wonder, beyond a typical 9-5 or day with the kids, that willpower is a struggle.

But, what if willpower isn’t the problem? What if you didn’t have to “control” yourself because your progress came out of a place of deep desire rather than a need to control?

Making changes out of pure willpower is the exact reason that 98% of people who change their habits revert back to old ones. It’s the reason that you start your New Year’s resolution every year on January 1st and by March, you’re off track. It’s the reason that getting up early to bust your butt for work ends up burning you out. It’s the reason you get organized only to let things fall apart.  You’ve harnessed your willpower to do something you didn’t want to do.

Willpower is not the answer; it’s the problem.

Why-power is the answer.

Why-power is your ability to understand and connect with the real reasons you want to make changes. If you can create the desire to change, instead of controlling your desire to stay the same, you will no longer need willpower.

Here are three tips for developing your why-power:

1) Don’t settle for superficial reasons to change.

For example, if your reason for wanting to change your eating habits is to lose weight, you need to dig deeper. If you’re reason for wanting to grow your business is only to make money, keep searching. If you want to stay organized purely for the looks of it, it won’t work. Until you find deeper reasons for wanting to change, your struggles will remain.

2) Fill your environment with your why.
Create inspiration in your environment that reminds you of your deeper reasons for wanting to change.

3) Learn about and recognize sabotage.
When you have a desire to change and it’s still not happening, sabotage is ruling. Sabotage can come from yourself (i.e. fear of failure, fear of success) or from others (i.e. need for acceptance and love) but, in order for you to overcome it, you must first be able to recognize it.

Strengthening your why-power is the answer to achieving everything you desire.



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Kristyn H.

Author: Kristyn H.

Kristyn is a recovering CPA! After struggling for 3 years to get pregnant, she overhauled her diet and lifestyle overnight and was expecting 6 weeks later. Needless to say, this experience changed her life and she is pursuing her passion of inspiring others to lead healthy lifestyles.

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