How to Make it Through Holidays Without Getting Trapped on the Sugar Rollercoaster

It’s almost Easter, which means, another holiday that’s full of sugary treats.

So, how do you make it through this holiday without getting trapped on the sugar rollercoaster?

The answer is quite simple.  It may not be easy but it’s simple.

Yesterday was my birthday.  And, yes, even this health coach, has a special dessert on a big occasion.  For me, it was my favorite of brownies and ice cream.  Fresh from the oven.  I could eat the whole pan.  If not on Day 1, definitely on Day 2 and, without a doubt, they’ll be gone by Day 3.

As such, I’ve resolved to throw away my leftovers.  Like I said, it’s not easy but it’s simple.

Too many people get caught up in the trap of thinking, “It’s a waste.”  But, here’s the deal…it’s not a waste if it wastes you away.

So, this weekend, after the festivities are over, take the leftover candy and trash it.



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Kristyn H.

Author: Kristyn H.

Kristyn is a recovering CPA! After struggling for 3 years to get pregnant, she overhauled her diet and lifestyle overnight and was expecting 6 weeks later. Needless to say, this experience changed her life and she is pursuing her passion of inspiring others to lead healthy lifestyles.

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