What Every Mompreneur Needs to Know about Overwhelm

The longer that I coach and the more super exciting women that I get to meet, the more that I recognize a recurring theme with everyone.  OVERWHELM!   We as women hate it, (while we sigh!) but just accept it as part of life.

What we truly need to realize is that overwhelm is normal, especially because God has wired us to be nurturing, caring and great multi-taskers.  In our world, it has become easier and easier to pack every minute with activity, media and lists.  Being a mompreneur myself, I have often looked back with regrets of missing things, of moments that passed by and relationships that I wish I had made a priority.  It has become my mission to help women work smarter and not harder and to stay in the productive zone.

Kelly O’Dell Stanley, writer and artist, in her book Praying Upside Down defines the use of white space in capturing and highlighting the focal point of an artist’s subject while painting.  The white space is often overlooked by young artists but used masterfully to occupy most of a canvas by the veterans.

That’s a great example of how God uses time…when we allow Him to have some white space allowing us to be attentive to His leading, and available to do the activities that He would have us do.  There is no formula for the perfect way to hear God, it’s an intention to hear Him speak through His word, through His people and through the circumstances that come our way daily.

But sadly, our white space is filled with anxiety, worry and a brain that can’t slow down.  Most young moms that I know, have a hard time carving out time to hear God, to notice Him at work in their world.  (He is in everything but just because He is, doesn’t mean that we have to be involved in everything.  We can allow others to step up and be used by him as well.)

Let me offer a good first step:  Do a calendar check and ask yourself, “Which activities overlap?  Which one could be eliminated or delegated?   Am I spending time with my primary relationships that will matter for a lifetime?”  Begin to create some white space to allow you to put the majority of your energy into the objects of your painting. And begin to see God put you in the productive zone without overwhelm!


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Cheryl Hansen

Author: Cheryl Hansen

Cheryl Hansen is a business coach and is passionate about serving mompreneurs in their quest for excellence WHILE being the best mom they can be. She helps moms develop clarity and strategy around advancing their businesses through word of mouth marketing and leveraging relationships so they can work smarter and not harder.

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