I Put Off Finishing….

One of my favorite things is coaching young moms who are also business owners.  One of my least favorite things has been to hold them accountable at times.  At every session, we start with victories and then look at the list of homework that they were to complete.

Then the list of excuses begins….

·         It wasn’t fun

·         It didn’t go smoothly

·         I had too much pressure

·         I didn’t have the right tools

·         I didn’t have a clearly defined plan

·         I was too grouchy, too tense, too distracted

·         The sheer number of trivial items on my to do list had to get marked off

I’m super excited to share that the ones that truly want to advance their business, begin to develop the discipline of “doing it every day” whether the conditions are right or not.  And lo and behold, their businesses grow; they still are doing their level best to be great mamas and are serving more and more people doing what they love!

My best advice: Embrace the joy of using the abilities God has given you and be grateful for the opportunity to do what you love.  Finish well!





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Cheryl Hansen

Author: Cheryl Hansen

Cheryl Hansen is a business coach and is passionate about serving mompreneurs in their quest for excellence WHILE being the best mom they can be. She helps moms develop clarity and strategy around advancing their businesses through word of mouth marketing and leveraging relationships so they can work smarter and not harder.

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