Try This: Mini Veggie Pizzas

School is back in session and moms are on a mission to find meals that are healthy, delicious, quick to make and kid approved!  What better way to make a kid approved meal then to put together two fabulous meals, pizza and vegetables!  This recipe comes from digging through the fridge and picking from the garden.  Your kids will love making their own mini veggie pizzas.


Ingredients from the garden:



Green peppers (red and orange were store bought)


Red onions







Chili chipotle seasoning


Greek pita flatbread (or really anything else that is similar, even healthier, this was what was left over in the fridge and not yet expired!)


Again, this was just from what was left over in the fridge and what was picked from our gardens.  Also tasty on these mini veggie pizzas is broccoli and chicken.  Really, they are so simple you can make them with anything!


Step 1:  Chop up all of the veggies.

Step 2:  Spread the hummus on the pita or flatbread and then sprinkle chipotle seasoning on top.

Step 3:  Make your pizza!  Stack your favorite veggies on top!

Step 4:  Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about ten minutes or just until your veggies are soft but still crisp!  Any longer and the pita will get really hard and crunchy, but if you like this, cook away! (I also sprinkled fresh grated parmesan cheese on top right out of the oven)

Step 5:  Consume!


Tip: if you decide to use meat, make sure the meat is cooked first and then added as a topping just like the veggies!



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Katie Hanquist

Author: Katie Hanquist

Katie Hanquist is a wife, mother and fitness instructor. She and her family enjoy the country life and are mini farmers in rural Southeast Nebraska.

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