Whole Food Smoothie Recipes

Like many of you, I am a mom on the go.  I also teach group fitness classes and am now growing the latest addition of our family (baby Hanquist number two due in March 2016!!!!).  With that being said, FOOD is constantly on my mind, or should I say, on baby’s mind!!!  I struggle with feeling nauseated all day, but if I keep my belly happy with clean or whole foods and don’t allow myself to get too hungry or dehydrated, it’s totally bearable.  Whole food shakes and smoothies have become a staple in my daily diet, especially before and after teaching my fitness classes for absorption of superior nutrition to myself and baby.  I’m not talking about a meal replacements but shakes and smoothies that are in addition to my meals of the day; a snack, pre-workout or post workout.  There is more to refueling after an intense workout than protein, which whole food shakes supply.  Follow my link to check out some oh-so-delicious-I-can’t-believe-this-is-healthy smoothie recipes.



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Katie Hanquist

Author: Katie Hanquist

Katie Hanquist is a wife, mother and fitness instructor. She and her family enjoy the country life and are mini farmers in rural Southeast Nebraska.

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