10 Functional Kitchen Must-Haves

In my 30’s with young kids, I find myself in my kitchen all the time. As I have learned to cook (and spend lots of time cleaning) I’ve found myself wanting nicer kitchen items and accessories. Two years ago I got rid of my old pots and pans and bought myself some nice new stainless steel cookware. For Christmas last year I asked my mother-in-law for some new cooking utensils, and they have really improved how I cook. Having nice looking and functional kitchenware and accessories in my household makes me so happy and it makes the chores I’m doing much more enjoyable. Recently I have been working on replacing some of the smaller items as well, like replacing the brushes in the sink. I’ve made a change in cleaning products and now use glass spray bottles with essential oils for cleaning. If you are like me and spend a lot of time in the kitchen consider a few of the following everyday household products to make your daily chores and tasks a little brighter.

1. Tongs – I use these to flip bacon, toss salads and to pull items out of a hot oven. Super handy!

2. Garbage can  – I spent over $100 on my garbage can and it’s been totally worth it. I can push the can open with my foot, it holds a lot and it looks somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

3. Dish Brushes – I switch these out every few months as they get grimmey. Keeping a few extra on hand is also a good idea.

4. Quality Kitchen Blender – My Vitamix sits in the cupboard right above my counter where I do a lot of my prep work. It gets used on a daily basis.

5. Glass storage bowls/containers – I am always using these containers for leftovers, lunches and meal prep. I love using glass over plastic.

6. Extra set of measuring cups/spoons – I have 2 sets in my kitchen. I like the sturdy stainless steel ones.

7. Cooking Utensils – Love these quality cooking utensils from West Elm. I got these last year for Christmas and I’m glad I asked. They look great and function amazing after a year.

8. Stainless Steel Cookware – If you are still using aluminum now is the time to consider switching to stainless steel. Why stainless?

9. Knives – I Have a few Cutco knives and I definitely want a few more of these.

10. Mason Jars – My husband and I use the Mason Jars for all sorts of things. Pre-made salads, storing leftovers, or just a a big glass of water. Who knew something so simple could have so many different uses!


Check out my pinterest page for a few extra, fun and stylish kitchen accessories! Do yourself a favor and add a few of these to your Christmas Wish List.


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Christi Luke

Author: Christi Luke

Christi Luke (The Eclectic Mama) is an interior designer, wife and a mother of three year old twin boys. Christi enjoys creating spaces that are unique and full of life, color, character and charm. he also has a passion for holistic health and teaches people how to implement essential oils into their everyday life.

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