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Christmas tree cut out from paper on background

As an interior designer I often think back to my childhood, with some of my fondest memories being decorating for the holidays. I loved decorating the Christmas tree with my family. A few days after it was first decorated I would take all of the decorations off and start again. I would also rearrange the presents underneath the Christmas tree over and over. Now, as an adult, I get to decorate my own house and each holiday has its own special spirit. I have to admit though, decorating for the holidays can be hard for me. I get thrown off when I am working with colors different than the colors that are in my house year round. So in some rooms when decorating, I go with a color palette and decorations that blend well with the current decor. I don’t typically decorate year round with green and red so I do pull my holiday decor, color, style and pallet out all of the year round decor in my house. I do like to dedicate one room (for me, my living room) to the traditional holiday colors of greens and reds. To make the room festive, I remove pieces (clear the mantle, remove pillows and throws) so I have a more neutral background for my traditional Christmas red and green.


Here are a few of my tips when it comes to decorating for the holidays:


1. Don’t purchase any decorations until you put your current ones up. Every year I’m tempted to buy a few decorations before the season. Buying new decor is so tempting in October when all of your past holiday decor is still in a box in the back of the garage. Don’t spend the money quite yet. You may surprise yourself on how much you actually already have. Or maybe decide to get rid of something before adding something else.


2. Most holiday decorations these days tend to come in all colors (think blue for Christmas) so its getting easier to decorate with a current existing home color palette. It’s perfectly okay to decorate and design with your year round home decor.


3. Bring the outdoors inside. I absolutely love using tree limbs, pine cones, and holly. And this is one of my favorite ways to get my children involved with decorating and getting in the holiday spirit. Last year, my boys searched the yard for small wooden stumps, that we placed candles on to decorate the mantle.

4. Metallics can be used anywhere! Mixing copper, champagne, gold, silver and frosty sparkly white is a great idea. I love pops of metallics throughout. Mixing icy elegance and natural objects has been a trend the last few years and one still very much in style!


5. Have an area for seasonal artwork. My kids are doing a lot of holiday art projects this time of year and its great to have a location to put it on display.


6. Use photos from the years prior. I love replacing current frames around my house during the holidays with a picture from last year. I keep them in a file and pull them out at the beginning of the holiday season. I love seeing these pictures, as they bring back wonderful memories from the years before.


7. Don’t forget to get your scent on! A festive smell is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. I can’t get enough of diffusing oils, and keep doTERRA Douglas Fir and Wild Orange on repeat during the holidays.



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Christi Luke

Author: Christi Luke

Christi Luke (The Eclectic Mama) is an interior designer, wife and a mother of three year old twin boys. Christi enjoys creating spaces that are unique and full of life, color, character and charm. he also has a passion for holistic health and teaches people how to implement essential oils into their everyday life.

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