Size Really Does Matter…..

When it comes to weight resistance training, the amount of weight you use in combination with your form are the two key ingredients to success or complete failure.  So why are these two things so important?


Injury prevention is at the top of my list when I talk to my fitness classes about these two key ingredients.  As an instructor, I would tell you I would rather see you lift less weight and have correct form instead of loading up your bar and having poor form.   When you begin using momentum it means you need to drop your weight.  When you stop focusing on the muscle group you are targeting in a workout, you lose your mind-muscle connection which can easily lead to injury.  The goal should always be to maintain correct form so that you are not putting your body in a vulnerable position to get injured due to poor lifting technique.  Plus, you just won’t get anything out of it.


Another important ingredient is to stay in the timing of the movements and reps (to the best of your ability. I will add, because sometimes we just aren’t feeling it and that’s okay, we have an injury, soreness, etc. but for the most part you want to stay with the instructor in the timing of the movements).  When you begin to rush your repetitions you are no longer focusing on your targeted muscle group and you lose your mind-muscle connection.  Each movement that your instructor takes you through, whether fast, slow, pulsing or full range, is purposeful and specifically designed for you to get the most out of that movement and your muscles!  It’s just science!


As an instructor, I want you to walk away from my class knowing you got the most out of your workout by proper technique, lifting modifications and weight selection.  Everyone may look slightly different in their “proper technique” and there is no one size fits all when it comes to lifting and weight selection.  But that’s what makes group fitness so much fun!  You can come in at your own level of fitness and personalize your workout while working as one team in the group fitness setting!


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Katie Hanquist

Author: Katie Hanquist

Katie Hanquist is a wife, mother and fitness instructor. She and her family enjoy the country life and are mini farmers in rural Southeast Nebraska.

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