The Importance of Accepting Where You Are


I’m more than halfway through my coursework for the Eating Psychology Coaching program.  I heard my instructor teach on the subject of energy and fatigue.  I had no idea that he would deliver a nugget of truth that would apply to all areas of life!  I hope it blesses you as it has me.The #1 key to having more energy, achieving our ideal weight or reaching a health or fitness goal… is to manage and appreciate what you already have and where you’re at right NOW!!

If you’re struggling with fatigue then focus on how to manage the energy you currently have and how to optimize it. If you have a large amount of weight to release then you must first accept where you are right now so that your body is at a state of relaxation NOT stress. If we chronically fight the stage we are in it will create a continual stress response within our bodies.  This stress response will only exacerbate energy and weight issues.  The body will experience ideal calorie burn and assimilation of nutrients when we are in a state of relaxation.  Stress response (which includes negative self talk, frustration with self about the current state of health, weight, energy, etc) will cause the body to gain weight and have poor assimilation of nutrients into the system.Moral of the story… pray, meditate and/or journal​ to allow yourself to be on the journey of accepting where you’re at in the NOW so that you can move towards​ your desired goal​. It’s a powerful experience and it ​promotes​ character development. Things will start to shift, promise!


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Amy Harshman

Author: Amy Harshman

Amy has worked as a clinical dietitian for 13 years helping a variety of people with nutrition- including children with disabilities, people with cancer, people with diabetes, and those requiring dialysis for kidney failure.

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