How to Squeeze in Your PrayerTime Every Day!

As most of us who are moms, entrepreneurs and overachievers can attest to, we live in a world of “I shoulds”.  When we list out our top priorities, God is at the top of our lists, followed by spouse and family and THEN our careers.  In reality, we are trying to squeeze in God amidst responsibilities and the “urgent” which leads to guilt and often neglecting the spiritual aspect of our lives.  What a vicious cycle!


But what if we could honor the season of our lives that includes childhood interruptions, early morning meetings, and even fatigue because sleep is a premium sometimes?


Kelly O’Dell Stanley in her book Praying Upside Down, offers several strategies to make the most of the time that we do have using prayer prompts.

·      I remember to pray for you when I see… by assigning an object to represent someone close to you (the object could be connected to something they enjoy, an interest they have, a resemblance etc.) the visual reminder can be translated into a prayer that is sent heavenward instantly

·      As I fold, I pray…while doing laundry, each family member can be prayed for as you fold their clothes.  This could also be adapted to seasons and milestones in your families’ lives…(the start of school, confidence in competitions, safety in summer activities for example)

·      Creating a prayer calendar…Fill the squares designated for each day with a person’s name and as you glance at the calendar to stay abreast of your family’s activities, offer a prayer for those that you love listed there.  I love birthday remembrances on FaceBook and often am reminded to type a prayer for my friend on their special day.

·      Creating a prayer playlist….one of my favorite ways to engage in tasks together at home is to enjoy music and special songs while we work.  Why not associate a song with someone that you want to pray for?  As each song begins to play, pray for your friend or loved one for the duration of the song.  Remember, the songs don’t have to be spiritual.  The song could involve a special place or event or movie.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing” takes on a doable meaning when we intentionally incorporate prayer into our days, even when we haven’t been “perfect” enough to have a scheduled prayer time.


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Cheryl Hansen

Author: Cheryl Hansen

Cheryl Hansen is a business coach and is passionate about serving mompreneurs in their quest for excellence WHILE being the best mom they can be. She helps moms develop clarity and strategy around advancing their businesses through word of mouth marketing and leveraging relationships so they can work smarter and not harder.

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