Amy Harshman

amyIn 2000 Amy graduated with honors from the dietetics program at the University of Idaho. She worked as a clinical dietitian for 13 years helping a variety of people with nutrition- including children with disabilities, people with cancer, people with diabetes, and those requiring dialysis for kidney failure. Amy has seen a fair amount of illness in her career and much of it can be traced back to diet. This is why she is so passionate and focused on offering a solution to promote wellness!

Currently Amy is studying with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in order to help others go even deeper with regard to their relationship with food, weight, and body image. She believes wholeheartedly in her Professor Marc David’s famous quote “our relationship with food is a mirror for our relationship with life.”

Amy is married to Doug and they have two children: Jonah and Hope, ages 11 and 7. They enjoy serving in their church together and traveling home to the Pacific Northwest to see the mountains, lakes, and the ocean.

One of Amy’s favorite sayings is…
“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”


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