Slow Cooker Recipe: Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Saute in coconut oil: 1 chopped onion 5 diced cloves of garlic In slow cooker add the onions and garlic and; 5 cans of pumpkin (15 ounce cans) 1 can full fat coconut milk 32. oz. chicken broth 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. pepper Heat for several hours. Add almond butter and cayenne or maple syrup to each individual bowl if...

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Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Medley

  I don’t know about you, but after the holidays I am ready to binge on lots of fresh produce.  We always have fresh fruits and veggies on hand because canned and bagged just don’t compare.  I am a huge fan of simple; no complicated recipes for this girl.  I love the taste of roasted or sautéed veggies, with a little oil, onion and garlic.  Nothing tastes more divine.  That’s why I am sharing this link created by a few gals who...

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The Habit Worth Pursuing with Our Kids

What one thing can: help your child become an expert in nearly anything and encourage character, creativity and focus? You can do this activity snuggled under a cozy blanket. It will expand your world and can be a constant companion… It’s reading with your kids! While as a parent I’ve made many mistakes, reading with my kids is one thing I’ve gotten right and has reaped so many rewards for our family.     Our family’s...

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You Cannot Give From an Empty Cup, So Fill Up!

I came across a most fitting image of an empty cup that said this:  “You cannot pour out anything from an empty cup.”   If you do not put time and conscious effort into your health now, there is no second chance later.   Yes, this means you.  You who no longer have time to go to the gym due to Christmas Programs, Christmas shopping, meal planning, hosting guests and family for the holidays, stuffing your face with that...

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Carrot Curry Soup

Nothing gives me that warm cozy feeling like a delicious bowl of carrot curry soup.  I fell in love with this soup while attending an event at a delightful little place called Art & Soul in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I began looking up different recipes, but I’m the kind of chef who would rather make her own recipe with a “little of this and a little of that” ingredient list.  This dish is so simple yet so classy it would be a perfect...

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Vegetarian Chili to Warm You From the Inside Out

This chili recipe is one that I have loved for over 10 years now! I saw it featured on Food Network and love that it contains a wide variety of vegetables. I have made a few adaptations to make it my own. Print Vegetarian Chili to Warm You From the Inside Out Author: Amy Harshman   Ingredients 2 Tbs grapeseed or coconut oil 1 large onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, minced 3 Tbs chili powder ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp...

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