How Often Does Your Family Participate in the Number One Predictor of Your Child’s Success in School and Life?

This past summer I had to get physicals for my kids as required for a camp they were attending, so we made an appointment with our pediatrician.  After she asked all the typical questions about seatbelts and their development, she ended with “How many times does your family eat dinner together per week?”  I must have given her an interesting look, and after answering that this happened pretty much every night (whether we...

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Deck the Halls

As an interior designer I often think back to my childhood, with some of my fondest memories being decorating for the holidays. I loved decorating the Christmas tree with my family. A few days after it was first decorated I would take all of the decorations off and start again. I would also rearrange the presents underneath the Christmas tree over and over. Now, as an adult, I get to decorate my own house and each holiday has its own...

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Replacing Entitlement with Thankfulness

The magical season of Christmas is quickly approaching, where I envision the sparkle in my kids eyes as we experience what Christmas is truly about. The wonder of a savior king coming as a baby, the songs and scents, and… the gifts.   Did you tense up when I mentioned ‘gifts’? At their best, gifts show the generous nature of God sending His only son to darkened world – an undeserved gift.  At their worst, gifts bring out this...

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10 Functional Kitchen Must-Haves

In my 30’s with young kids, I find myself in my kitchen all the time. As I have learned to cook (and spend lots of time cleaning) I’ve found myself wanting nicer kitchen items and accessories. Two years ago I got rid of my old pots and pans and bought myself some nice new stainless steel cookware. For Christmas last year I asked my mother-in-law for some new cooking utensils, and they have really improved how I cook. Having nice...

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The Importance of Accepting Where You Are

I’m more than halfway through my coursework for the Eating Psychology Coaching program.  I heard my instructor teach on the subject of energy and fatigue.  I had no idea that he would deliver a nugget of truth that would apply to all areas of life!  I hope it blesses you as it has me.The #1 key to having more energy, achieving our ideal weight or reaching a health or fitness goal… is to manage and appreciate what you...

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Begin with the End in Mind

As a new school year starts for my kids, I get a little caught up in their shiny new folders and mechanical pencils and would love to believe that this year will be as sparkling as their currently mud-less tennis shoes.   But a few flashbacks to our previous year, reveal a few times where we were completely ‘squeezed’ by life’s pressures and demands. And when you’re ‘squeezed,’ what’s going on deep inside is revealed. We saw a...

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