You Cannot Give From an Empty Cup, So Fill Up!

I came across a most fitting image of an empty cup that said this:  “You cannot pour out anything from an empty cup.”   If you do not put time and conscious effort into your health now, there is no second chance later.   Yes, this means you.  You who no longer have time to go to the gym due to Christmas Programs, Christmas shopping, meal planning, hosting guests and family for the holidays, stuffing your face with that...

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The way we eat is cyclical just like the rest of life- it’s not only ok, but it’s normal!

In my training with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating I have found freedom from my rigid thinking around food and diet. Being trained as a dietitian often had me judging and criticizing myself and others for their food choices. This is not a pleasant or healthy place to live, so to speak. I’m going to share with you the 11 phases of nourishment that everyone of us will go through in our lifetime. These are not...

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How to Squeeze in Your PrayerTime Every Day!

As most of us who are moms, entrepreneurs and overachievers can attest to, we live in a world of “I shoulds”.  When we list out our top priorities, God is at the top of our lists, followed by spouse and family and THEN our careers.  In reality, we are trying to squeeze in God amidst responsibilities and the “urgent” which leads to guilt and often neglecting the spiritual aspect of our lives.  What a vicious cycle!   But what if...

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Size Really Does Matter…..

When it comes to weight resistance training, the amount of weight you use in combination with your form are the two key ingredients to success or complete failure.  So why are these two things so important?   Injury prevention is at the top of my list when I talk to my fitness classes about these two key ingredients.  As an instructor, I would tell you I would rather see you lift less weight and have correct form instead of...

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How Often Does Your Family Participate in the Number One Predictor of Your Child’s Success in School and Life?

This past summer I had to get physicals for my kids as required for a camp they were attending, so we made an appointment with our pediatrician.  After she asked all the typical questions about seatbelts and their development, she ended with “How many times does your family eat dinner together per week?”  I must have given her an interesting look, and after answering that this happened pretty much every night (whether we...

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The Importance of Accepting Where You Are

I’m more than halfway through my coursework for the Eating Psychology Coaching program.  I heard my instructor teach on the subject of energy and fatigue.  I had no idea that he would deliver a nugget of truth that would apply to all areas of life!  I hope it blesses you as it has me.The #1 key to having more energy, achieving our ideal weight or reaching a health or fitness goal… is to manage and appreciate what you...

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